My latest release from @Excessica is out! Embrace Every Offer is a story of a young girl discovering her sexuality. Buy it now on Amazon. Here’s a snippet:

Embrace Cover SmallWhen she got to the front row on the left side of the house, someone caught her eye.

She had dark hair and mocha-colored skin. Maddie thought she looked like Rihanna in one of her short-haired phases. She was wearing jeans and a light-colored sleeveless top.

What kind of underwear would she wear? Those frilly Victoria’s Secret things? Maddie hated those. No. She wouldn’t like them either. She’d want them to be plain. And cotton. Maybe white to stand out against her caramel skin. They would be bikini-style. Maybe a little see-through, with hints of dark pubic hair showing through at the bottom.

Maddie shook her head to clear it. Why was she thinking this way? There was just something about this girl. Maddie couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

My latest release from @Excessica is out! Lesbian prison romance Time Flies. Buy it now on Amazon. Here’s a snippet:

Time Flies Cover

“Who said anything about being gay? I’m just your cellmate showing you some stuff.” Lu continued to stroke Kacie soothingly with both hands, one on the insides of her thighs and the other on her outer lips, getting near her clit, but not quite touching it. Kacie closed her eyes and focused on how her body was feeling, and her body felt good. She started to wriggle a little bit.
“See? It feels good when someone else does it, right? Now bend your knees so I can really get in there.” Kacie complied without thinking, and felt Lu’s fingers enter her soaking wet twat. She opened her eyes and saw that Lu’s middle two fingers were fully inside her. Lu turned her hand so her palm was facing up.
“I bet you’ve never felt anything like this before.” Kacie felt Lu’s fingers stroke the top wall of her vag, back and forth, back and forth. Feelings of intense pleasure started washing over her.
“Oh my God. What…what the fuck are you even doing?”

This short vignette is a sketch of a character I’m developing for a novel I’m beginning to think about. 

He kissed her clumsily, his hands pawing at her. She liked it, though. He was sweet. And handsome too. She could feel his hard muscles underneath his thin T-shirt. But it was more than his lack of experience or good looks that charmed her. He really liked her, treated her like a lady. Not like the other ones. She frowned to herself, momentarily distracted. How many had there been?

More than there should have been in her eighteen years, that’s for sure. And none of them her choice. As far as she was concerned, technically she was still a virgin. She wasn’t counting her asshole stepdad. That started when she was just 13. She tried to tell her Mom, but she wouldn’t believe her. Typical. Then her brother and his friends too. She’d had to grow up pretty quick in that house. Either be strong, or let it bury you. Well, she could be plenty strong! She had focused on her studies, graduated with honors, and now she had a full scholarship to the state university. The one three hours away from her hometown.

She smiled to herself. “Yup. I’m getting the hell out of here all right. And I’m NOT coming back.”

But first, she was going to fuck this guy. Not because she was being forced. Because SHE decided. That’s the way it was going to be from now on. If there was one thing that her shitty prior life had taught her, it was that women could use their looks and bodies to control men, and that’s just what she planned to do.

She felt him squeezing her boobs, first softly, then urgently. She pulled back from his embrace, tugged her tight T-shirt over her head, and unhooked her bra. Her large natural tits tumbled free. He grabbed them and sucked on them voraciously.

She reached over and stroked the front of his jeans, feeling the outline of the hard cock underneath, straining on the zipper. She unbuckled his belt and freed it. She wanted to stroke it, but she didn’t want him to come just yet.

His hands went down to her shorts, and he fumbled with them, desperate to get at what awaited within. She sighed to herself, laid back on the bed, and slipped them off. She left her panties on. Unless he had a condom, this was as far as he was gonna get.

He yanked his jeans and T-shirt off and positioned himself between her knees.

“Honey…did you bring anything…like, for protection?” He thought for a minute, grunted, reached into his wallet and took out a trusty Trojan. As he ripped the package open and busied himself trying to figure out how to get it on, she slipped her panties off, waiting patiently.

He eased his cock in, like he wasn’t sure what it would feel like, what would happen. Once fully inside her, he got the idea. They always did. He began thrusting in and out as he held himself over her like he was doing pushups or something. The pace increased rapidly, and within a minute she felt him come inside her.

She smiled up at him. “That was awesome, honey. You were great,” she whispered.

Relieved of her virginity at last, the vaguely wondered how it would be at college when she could finally meet some real men.