My latest release from @Excessica is out! Embrace Every Offer is a story of a young girl discovering her sexuality. Buy it now on Amazon. Here’s a snippet:

Embrace Cover SmallWhen she got to the front row on the left side of the house, someone caught her eye.

She had dark hair and mocha-colored skin. Maddie thought she looked like Rihanna in one of her short-haired phases. She was wearing jeans and a light-colored sleeveless top.

What kind of underwear would she wear? Those frilly Victoria’s Secret things? Maddie hated those. No. She wouldn’t like them either. She’d want them to be plain. And cotton. Maybe white to stand out against her caramel skin. They would be bikini-style. Maybe a little see-through, with hints of dark pubic hair showing through at the bottom.

Maddie shook her head to clear it. Why was she thinking this way? There was just something about this girl. Maddie couldn’t keep her eyes off her.