My latest story now available through @Excessica Here’s a snippet:

Stranded Cover

“Why don’t you come lie with us on our blanket? We’ll show you some other stuff about swingers.” Barbie scooched over on her blanket to make room.

She was a little hesitant. What was going to happen? She hadn’t planned on talking to anyone here. Plus she didn’t know them at all.

“I…I don’t know. I can just sit here on my own blanket.”

“True, but you seem so lonesome sitting there all by yourself, and we’d like to get to know you better.”

Barbie was right. She was sick of being alone. And they were so nice and everything. They made her feel comfortable.

“I guess I could. Just give me a minute to put my bikini back on. I feel a little silly lying here naked with other people and all.”

“Don’t feel silly. That’s what this beach is all about. Everyone is naked. You don’t have to feel ashamed. Look at us—we’re both naked.” She was still trying not to look at Ken.

“You can look at us, Eliza. We don’t mind. We’re looking at you. Barbie already told you that we find you very attractive.”

She blushed at hearing such a direct compliment from a man. She wasn’t used to them. She felt her nipples start to get hard again in spite of herself.

He’s right. What do I have to be ashamed of? Everyone is naked here.

But what does he mean that they find me attractive? What’s going to happen if I go over there?

Don’t be ridiculous, Eliza. They’re just being nice.

She got up, went over to their blanket, and sat down between them. Barbie put her arm around her.

“Do you mind if I touch you?”

“No…no…it’s okay…I guess.”

Barbie kissed her softly on the lips.

Why would Barbie kiss me? What does it mean?

“That’s good, because I like touching you. But any time you want me to stop, you just tell me and I will.” Barbie was caressing her entire body now, paying special attention to her tummy, hips and butt. It felt good. She liked to be touched gently like this. Dave never took the time when they were together. She started to relax. And she started to feel wet.

“Is it okay if Ken touches you too?”