Here’s a short character sketch I wrote a while back based on something I read in a very old Savage Love column. It might be a good candidate to flesh out into a full story for a bi collection. Enjoy!

“Is that for me?”

He came out of his reverie with a start. He had been daydreaming in the shower at his gym, and he realized that his fantasy about his ex-wife had given him a partial erection. He thought he was alone, but now he was embarrassed to see that the young man had entered the shower room as well.

He had seen him while he was working out, of course. They were the only ones there. He was usually alone when he worked out this late at night. But the young man didn’t bother him, and after a while he forgot that he was there.

Until now. Now the young man was staring at his hard cock with a little smile on his face. He had to admit the kid was good looking. He was very lean and muscular. His biceps and pecs were bulging, flushed with blood from his workout. His ass was rock hard. He even had 6-pack abs. And yes – his cock looked nice too. Large and full. Cut. Hairless like the rest of his body.

“What? No. I mean…I was just daydreaming a little bit.”

“It’s OK. It happens to me all of the time. I was just wondering if we could help each other out.” The young man walked over to him and touched the tip of his dick. Just gave it a little tug. To his chagrin, it got even harder.

He was horrified. He wasn’t gay! He was straight as could be, wasn’t he? Why would this guy think he was a homo? He even started to get a little angry.Gym

But the boy continued to stroke his soapy cock, and he had to admit it felt good. Did that mean he WAS gay? Who really cared anyway? Nobody except him had touched his dick since his wife left. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? He looked down and saw that the boy’s cock was getting hard as well. Without thinking about it, he reached down and started stroking it. The boy leaned in to kiss him. That seemed really weird. But when their lips met, it felt natural. Good even. The kiss lingered, their tongues probing each other.

What did another man feel like? Especially one as buff as this. His other hand started rubbing the boy’s shoulders, then strayed down his chest and back until it got to his butt. He kneaded the boys butt cheeks, which were firm, yet pliant. He reached in between his legs and cupped the boy’s balls. They felt good too. Warm and inviting. The boy threw his head back and moaned a little.

He realized he had a choice to make. If they stopped now, or even just jerked each other off, he could write it off as a fluke, just one of those things. But what if they continued? What if they did more? What did that make him? He was curious now, as well as horny.

He got down on his knees and guided the boy’s cock toward his mouth.

She stared at the phone dubiously. Would he like it? Would he think it was stupid? But he would be away for so long. She wanted to give him something to remind him of her, and this was the only thing she could think of. Methodically, she propped the phone on the dresser and checked the viewfinder. Then she took off all of her clothes, pressed the Play button, and lay down on the bed with her head on the pillow. She bent her knees and spread her legs, giving the camera a bird’s eye view of her pussy. She reached down with one hand and touched herself. Slowly at first, just running her fingers through her dark pubic hair, then pressing a bit on her mons. That always felt good. Her legs spread a little wider, and she began stroking her innSquirter thighs with one hand while the other found her left nipple and squeezed it. She felt a little foolish. Was she doing it right? Well, this was how she always did it, ever since she was a girl. Her right hand inexorably found her pussy and began to trace the outer lips. It felt good, but she was distracted. It was hard for her to concentrate, and if she couldn’t concentrate, she usually couldn’t reach her peak.

“Focus,” she commanded herself firmly. “This is for him.”

She began to probe inside herself. First one finger. Then two. Her other hand strayed from her breast and found her clit. She was into it, but it was still taking longer than usual. She turned over and propped herself on her knees, ass in the air. She liked to touch herself from this position, liked how open she felt. Liked to imagine him entering her from behind. The finger on her clit increased its pace. She felt herself building, slowly but steadily.

After a while, she rolled over and reached in her drawer. She pulled out her favorite vibrator. It was small, a little bigger than a lipstick case. She liked the size. It was cute. Sort of pinkish purple. She turned it on and slid it inside of her. Normally, she would use lube, but she was very wet now. Wetter than usual. Probably because it was taking longer. She felt the powerful vibrations. The build was quickening. She slid the vibrator in and out with one hand, while the other made little circles around her clit. Finally, she was getting close.

She exploded with a loud cry. She was startled. After starting so slow, it had happened so suddenly. And it was so intense. Something felt different. She looked down at her fingers. They were completely soaked. She sat up and saw that the sheets were soaked as well. She had squirted for the very first time. She leaned back and started giggling uncontrollably. She hadn’t even thought she could do that. She bet he would be surprised. And excited too.

Something for him to think about while he was away.

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